Learning Curves

You as an adult or your child may have difficulties processing information. Often this struggle is not obvious because both kids and adults can develop compensation skills to cope with their learning struggles. However, poor reading comprehension or problems staying focused are frequently symptoms of an individual’s inability to process information in a timely fashion.

At Mindwise Now Testing, we can distinguish if you or your child truly has difficulty processing information. With the right tests, your child can have their specific needs met at school (for 504 Accommodations), and you as an adult can create an accurate strategy to overcome problems at work, and in other professional arenas.

For Your Child.
Sometimes learning difficulties are not readily apparent until adolescence or adulthood —when the complexity of information becomes greater than an individual’s ability to compensate. 44% of parents who noticed their child exhibiting signs of difficulty with learning waited a year or more before acknowledging their child might have a serious problem. (Source: President’s Commission on Excellence in Special Education, 2002)

Since many of tomorrow’s opportunities depend on what is learned in school today, have your child tested today for a lifetime of faster, easier learning.