Let Us Help You Succeed

Have you ever wondered if your child has a learning disability, what career is best for you, the right way to communicate to your spouse, or if you’re truly depressed? Get to know how the mind works through psychological testing.

At MindwiseNow Testing, we provide comprehensive psychological assessments for both children and adults to help you and your family succeed socially, mentally and academically.
* Gifted and Talented
* Learning Disabilities (for 504 Accommodations)
* Career Development
* Career Preferences
* Test Taking Anxiety
* Developmental Delays
* Cognitive Delays
* ADD and ADHD
* Depression/Anxiety
* Substance Abuse
* IQ (Intelligence)
* Personality Traits
* Clinical Behaviors
* Compatibility (for pre-marital counseling)

Psychological tests are useful for many reasons. They help psychologists and counselors collect information in a way that is streamlined and more scientifically consistent than the information from a clinical interview. In addition, tests can be tailored to an individual and his or her specific needs. Which tests are provided is determined through an assessment with our certified, educated and highly-trained counseling staff. Once determined, the testing is done in a safe and comfortable environment at our offices in the medical center.

As a program of the Ecumenical Center for Religion and Health, MindwiseNow Testing is able to pair these high-quality, standardized tests with the outstanding counseling the Center has provided since 1967.

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